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Business to Business

Money Saving Tips from our Members


Click on Tips below for full explanation

1. Save Money on Faxes

2. Save Money on Mailings


Note:  If you have a money saving tip you'd like to share with other Chamber Members, please send your tip to or Call the Chamber Office.













Save Money on your Fax service.


$4.99 per month for ONLINE fax with an 800 number included.

If you have a dedicated phone line just for your fax machine you might be spending extra money each month that you don't have to.  If you have internet service you can replace your extra fax phone line.

On Line fax services can replace your fax machine and phone line for as little as $4.99 per month.  The online services give you a toll free fax number for customers to fax to and a web and email access to the faxes.

To send faxes you will need a scanner or an all-in-one printer/copier/scanner.  Scan your document or, if you have a Word document or other file on your computer you can upload them directly to your fax service.  You can also send faxes by emailing the fax to your online fax service.

When you receive a fax, it shows up in your email inbox.

If you are not familiar with scanning and uploading files it might be a bit daunting on the first few tries. 

contact the chamber and see if one of the members that already has this service will give you a hand.

There are several different companies on the internet that provide fax services. You can use online search engines to search for "online fax".

The service that I use and am happy with is Trustfax.  (link)

Submitted by Jim Roach - TSI Strategies

More tips will be posted as we get them.