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Purpose of the

Greater Pine Island

Chamber of Commerce.


The purpose of the Greater Pine Island Chamber of Commerce is to develop, encourage, promote and protect the commercial, professional, financial and general business interest of the Greater Pine Island, Matlacha area. To promote trade and commerce, to foster, develop and protect the commercial and industrial and natural  resources of the area. To encourage development of the transportation and communication facilities. To encourage laws and regulations desirable for the benefit of commercial life in general. And to provide a forum for the reflection of the sentiments of business regarding matters affecting its interest.


Member Benefits


Welcome Center: Over 10,000 visitors annually.  Member business cards /Brochures/ menus and information leaflets are available for these guests. The Welcome Center is open Monday – Friday. 9:30am to 4pm and Saturday 10am – 1pm. The center is staffed by 15 volunteer ambassadors and a full time Executive Director.

Chamber of Commerce Business Directory. Free listing of your company, also posted on the chamber web site, where you can link directly to your business web site. Telephone list of members included with monthly newsletter.

Tourist Links. The chamber web site has a special section for “Tourist Links”. This area categorizes our tourist attractions and gives our guests free links to you.

Promotional fliers distributed to visitors to the center, and in mail-out packets. Accommodations, Restaurants, On the Water, Galleries, Gifts and More, Attractions, Organizations, General Businesses, and Relocation.  Each business receives a free listing in these fliers if they are in one of these categories. Individual business flyers can be included for nominal monthly fee.

Inquiries. Over 4000 requests annually for information both by mail, phone and e- mail. Inquiries are directed to Chamber members.

Chamber Newsletter: Each month we email  approximately 300 newsletters to members. For a nominal fee we will insert your flyer into our newsletter.

Event Calendar: List your event on the Chamber calendar at no cost.

Spotlight Business of the Month: Member card drawn at each monthly Business Breakfast for "spotlight" recognition in the Welcome Center, and on the web page.

Chamber Web Site Banner advertising: The chamber has just completed a renovation of our web site, check us out at We now offer banner advertising opportunities to our members. Contact us for advertising rates.


Chamber events:

Monthly evening business card exchanges on the third Thursday of the month and monthly business breakfast meetings on the fourth Tuesday, networking with fellow businesses and professional people.


MangoMania Signature Event:

MangoMania tropical fruit festival held each July attracts over 10,000 people in the slower season. The Chamber also sponsors other Island events which are designed to attract more business to the area and give increased exposure to our members.


Community Involvement.

An opportunity to work with other business and professional people to achieve as a team what no person could do alone. The Chamber is represented at many organizations and committees both on and off the island. Included are: The Lee County Tourism Development Council, the Horizon Council, Greater Pine Island Civic Association, Greater Pine Island Land Use Committee, Museum of the Islands, Greater Pine Island and Bridgeless Island Citizen Liaison Committee, Calusa Land Trust, Univ. of Florida, Randell Research Center, Lee County Visitor and Convention Bureau.

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Investment Schedule,

Effective January 1, 2007


A one time new member application fee of $25 will apply.    


1 - 4 units                                            $150.00

5 - 10 units                                          $200.00

11 + units                                            $225.00


Branch                                                 $300.00

Commercial Fishing/ Fisheries     

2 or fewer employees                         $100.00

Construction Firms

Contractor                                            $200.00

Growers/ Nurseries

2 or fewer employees                          $100.00

3 - 10 employees                                 $150.00

Over 10 employees                              $200.00


Professional person                             $150.00

Each additional professional               $100.00

Mobile Parks/ Campsites   

26 - 99 units/ spaces                           $200.00

100+ units/ spaces                              $250.00

Not for Profit Organizations           

(Organizations with Alcohol privileges)$100.00

Real Estate   

Brokerage firm with associates            $200.00

Brokerage firm no associates              $150.00

Associate                                                 $75.00


Under 50 seats                                     $150.00

Over 50 seats                                       $200.00

Service Clubs

Churches, Scouts, Little League etc    $75.00

Service/ Retail          

2 or fewer employees                          $100.00

3 to 5 employees                                 $125.00

6 to 10 employees                               $150.00

11 to 50 employees                             $200.00

50 + employees                                    $250.00


Utilities                                                   $350.00

WAM (Writer, Artist, Musician)

Please include brief bio                        $50.00

Individual Membership       

Name/ Phone number in directory       $50.00

Extra Directory Listing       

Additional listing                                   $25.00



Not sure which rate you should use?

Call our member Hotline at:

(239) 283-4842

Membership Application


All applications must be approved by the Greater Pine Island Chamber of Commerce Board of Directors. The Board meets on the second Tuesday of each month.

Company/ Professional Name________________________________________________________

Contact Name:___________________________Title_________________________

Street Location_________________________________________________

Mailing Address________________________________________________

Business Telephone: ___________Business Fax_____________

 Web Site: ________________________E – Mail__________________

Lee County Occupational License______________________

Dues Category: ___________________Member dues $______ 

One Time Application Fee______$25______

Total $__________